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More and more people are looking into effective weight loss methods in order to gain the slim and healthy body that they want. Unfortunately, most of these individual are bypassing the most effective method of shedding the pounds: diet and exercise.

It’s a fact that with liposuction, pills, shakes and creams being the norm nowadays, nobody seems to be concerned with the basics of weight loss. However, no matter how much technology advances on this industry, the bottom-line is nothing can take the place of diet and physical activity.

However, it’s pretty obvious why most people are not opting for healthy weight loss: it’s harder. Limiting food intake and sweating just to lose a few calories is something most people find painful. For this reason, some people employ different techniques in order to help them stay on the right path even while trying to lose weight.

Following are some techniques on healthy weight loss that individuals could try out that have been proven to be effective.

Get a Buddy
There’s nothing like trying to lose weight with a friend. The buddy system is something that has been used by various men and women throughout their weight loss attempts. The idea is to have someone to jog with, play badminton with, eat with and all in all moderate a person’s intake of high calorie foodstuff. Basically, partners would act as each other’s conscience and telling each other when food intake is enough or that eating those extremely sweet cookies is a bad decision.

Write it Down
Research shows that people who keep a food diary usually lose weight better than those who don’t.  A food diary basically lets a person keep track of what he or she has eaten so far and if their food intake is enough for the day. Even better, try expanding the food diary into an “exercise” diary where all physical activity for the day is written down along with their corresponding amount of burned calories. By pinning numbers on the activity, a person would be able to feel more motivated seeing that they are actually getting rid of calories one at a time even if it cannot be seen on the scale yet.

Give in a Little
One of the biggest mistake dieters make today is completely getting rid of a particular food in their diet. However, studies have shown that labeling a food as “forbidden” only increases the attraction. Hence, saying that chocolate is “not allowed” would only increase the chances of a person bingeing on it. For this reason, it is best to employ moderation on the food rather than total banning. For example, one piece of chocolate is allowed per day or every Sunday. Think of it as a reward or something to look forward to so that a person wouldn’t completely go off their diet.

Of course, those aren’t the only techniques one can use in order to lose weight. Try checking out various free weight loss plans available in the internet and incorporating them in one’s daily life. With a concrete plan to follow, the path to healthy living would become much easier to achieve.

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Why Opt for Healthy Weight Loss - Healthy Weight Loss Tricks

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Why Opt for Healthy Weight Loss - Healthy Weight Loss Tricks

This article was published on 2011/06/16