The 3 Pillars To Successful Weight Loss

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Do you want to achieve rapid weight loss? Would you like to learn how to do it consistently? If so, read this page now. Achieving rapid weight loss isn't that hard as most people would like you to believe. If you get the principles right, things are going to be easy.

Weight loss is hard if you do it the easy way. Weight loss can be easy if you do it the hard way. And I am going to show you how to do it the hard way in this article...

When it comes to weight loss, there are 3 pillars that support it. You need to focus individually on building each of these pillars in order for you to lose weight successfully. The three pillars are...

1. Your diet - Your diet is absolutely crucial when it comes to losing weight quickly. Your diet needs to be balanced and healthy. If you eat the wrong foods and workout like an ass, you will still never lose weight.

A lot of people believe that pure exercise alone will help them lose weight. It doesn't happen that way. A balanced diet along with exercise is the only way to achieve sure fire weight loss.

2. Your rest - Rest is also absolutely crucial. If you want to lose weight, you need to boost your body's fat burning process. If you can make the body burn fat faster, you will lose weight faster. For most overweight people, the fat burning process is really slow. That's why they are overweight.

And the only way to boost your body's fat burning process is through proper rest and a good diet. A good diet and adequate rest will accelerate the fat burning process. That's why it's absolutely crucial.

3. Exercise - This is the third pillar when it comes to achieving rapid weight loss. Exercise is absolutely necessary to burn the unwanted fat and shape your body the way you want it to be. Exercise alone won't help you. You need to get your diet and the rest part right before you can even think of getting results from your exercise.

There are some skinny teenagers who despite of heavy exercise at the gym never really have amazing gains in muscle. Why? It's because they didn't get the rest and the diet right. The same thing applies for weight loss.

If the diet and the rest part isn't right, you will never lose any weight even if you workout like crazy. Sure, you may lose a few pounds. But you won't certainly get that sexy body that makes others stare at you in amazement.

The most effective form of exercise involves equal amounts of cardio and resistance training. But not all kinds of resistance training will help you burn fat. Free weights and most of the exercise machines in the gym are designed to build muscle. They are not designed to burn fat. Only cardio equipments are designed to do that.

But don't worry. There is an alternative form of resistance training which works extremely well for burning fat. It's the use of resistance bands. Resistance bands are bands made out of latex tubes and rely on elastic for resistance.

The resistance provided is very smooth and you can perform a wide range of fat burning exercise with these bands. If you are serious about losing weight, I encourage you to invest in a pair of resistance bands.


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The 3 Pillars To Successful Weight Loss

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This article was published on 2011/09/27