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Every person aims for getting rid of unwanted fats these days. A slim and graceful figure boosts confidence and makes a person look beautiful and smarter. Slim and agile figure has a positive impact on career and relationships. One needs to lose weight safely, quickly and permanently. Excess body weight heightens symptoms of various diseases like hormonal problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, infertility etc.

There are several slimming tools and methods available and an efficient combination of such weight loss techniques and dieting can help people to lose weight easily. Some of the methods available for weight loss are:

·   Dieting

·   Exercise

·   Use of exercise machines and fitness equipments

·   Diet pills and weight loss medicines

·   Body toning gels, hot oils, messages for spot reduction 

Slimming up your body takes time, patience and hard work. One does not gain or lose weight instantly. One needs to set realistic targets while aiming for fatless and attractive physique  . Losing two to three pounds per week is quite safe. Setting an unrealistic standard for loosing fats may ultimately depress you if you are not able to fulfill the goal. So it is easy and effective to lose weight steadily at a moderate pace. One should never leave dieting and exercise if one wishes to stay healthy. Dieting and exercise must never be discarded and can be combined with other anti-obesity programs.

Slimming methods 

Following are some of the weight loss methods:

Dieting-- One should reduce intake of high calorie foodstuffs. One should reduce intake of high carbohydrate food like rice, bread, sugar, soft drinks, noodles, pizzas, chocolate, junk food etc. One should also reduce the intake of oils, fats, butter etc. One can include more fruits, vegetables and protein rich food like chicken and fish for meals.      

Exercise-- Exercise is very vital for body. Regular exercises help to burn up the calories and release energy. Exercises help people to attain a slim, healthy and well toned body. Jogging, running, aerobics, gym, yoga, skipping etc are effective ways for quick weight loss. Exercises should be done daily. Regular use of fitness equipments like treadmills, morning walkers etc also help. 

Anti-obesity medicines and diet pills-- Weight loss medicines and diet pills are ideal for quick weight loss. Diet pills have active and proven ingredients that help to reduce weight faster. Diet pills suppress appetite to reduce food intake. Diet pills boost body’s metabolism to burn up fats, carbohydrates and calories. Some diet pills block calorie absorption.

Herbal diet pills have natural extracts such as bromelain, citric acid, apple pectin or Hoodia plant extracts that help to prevent obesity without harmful side effects.

Several anti obesity medicines such as Exenatide, Sibutramine, Orlistat, Metformin, Pramlintide etc help to reduce weight faster and provide effective long term control over fattiness.  

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This article was published on 2012/05/09