How to lose weight with Bariatric Surgery

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To all who those who don’t know what Bariatric surgery is. It is the surgery for the treatment of obesity. We all know what obesity is. It is one of the main problems of the society. Obesity is turning out to a problematic disease and its getting difficult to treat it. Bariatric surgery tries to find a solution to this problem.

Few problems that are caused by obesity are: diabetes, heart problems, sleep apnea etc. Bariatric surgery can help in avoiding them.
2. Obesity surgery can help you avoid the secondary health problems.

The are various types of Bariatric surgeries, like-

1. Gastric Bypass
2. Lap-Band surgery
3. Laparoscopic Surgery
4. Gastric Banding

Lap-Band surgery is the adjustable gastric banding surgery and is not so risky. It is a technique where a balloon band is used to create a smaller pouch in the stomach. This helps in reducing the size of stomach. So now you stomach gets full even with less amount of food.

 Before Surgery

Stomach is where your food goes after you eat it. Normally the size of a stomach is like that of a melon. Acids present in the stomach breakdown the food. This broken food goes to small intestine where the digestion takes place. Nutrients, vitamins and calories are absorbed here. The small intestine breaks the food further down before absorbing the necessary nutrients.

After Surgery

1. In Bariatric surgery, the stomach size is reduced. The stomach after surgery becomes of size that of an egg which was earlier the size of melon. As the stomach size reduces, very less amount of food can enter the reduced stomach. So you tend to eat less.
2. To the last part of food, it is being bypassed to the small intestine. This makes the food to come in lesser contact with the parts that help to absorb nutrients and vitamins. So, you get lesser nutrients and vitamins.
3. This means you take up lesser calories. Thus, your body does not gain weight as the calorie intake is far less.

4. Bariatric surgery reduces weight
5. One of the most important things is to maintain your weight after surgery.
6. Always keep the quantity and quality of food after surgery to be in good, to keep you healthy.


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This article talks about Bariatric Surgery .  Mainly focuses on Lab Band Surgery

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How to lose weight with Bariatric Surgery

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How to lose weight with Bariatric Surgery

This article was published on 2012/04/02