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Have you ever played darts? or any sport for that matter. When I'm playing darts I always have one target. I aim for the bullseye. I close one eye raise the dart to my side with heavy concentration and focus on that target in the center of the board and let the dart fly toward the target. That pretty much goes for any sport. There's usually a target your going for. It also goes for Dieting, you're fat targeting. You have a goal in mind with your diet plan, right? You want to lose weight. There may be many reasons for wanting to lose weight such as better health, there's an event you want to look good for, or you just want to feel better.

What do you need to do for fat targeting? You need to focus in on your target. Don't close your eyes for this, but do focus in on the target. Look at what goal you want to achieve by fat targeting. Is there a certain weight you want to achieve? What reward will you get after you achieve your goal? If you want to lose 10 pounds write that number down and put it on the wall as a reminder of the goal you're trying to achieve. Put it somewhere you see regularly. Put it several places. Definitely stick it on the refrigerator so that you see it when you're heading to the fridge for that late night snack to remind yourself you're fat targeting.

Fat Targeting also requires you to concentrate on the foods you eat and when you eat them. You need to stick to the healthy foods, and stay away from those empty calories. When you go to the grocery store go to the fruits and vegetables section, go to the deli, go to the seafood section. You can't go wrong in the fruits and vegetables section. Stock up on your favorites and if you haven't liked some of those veggies in the past give them another try. Our tastes change over the years and you might find that something you disliked when you were a kid, is really not so bad, and it's good for you.

The fruit section is the place to go for those dieters with the sweet tooth. It is really a challenge for those people to do without their sugary sweets. The fruit section is full of the sweet stuff, but the good thing is these foods are naturally sweet and don't have all those chemicals in them that our favorite candies do. They also have many great Vitamins and Minerals in them that will help your fat targeting. Pack your diet with that Vitamin C from fruit to help turn your food into energy.

When you go to the deli for fat targeting pick up some turkey. Turkey is lean protein food. It is a meat and will help to fill your stomach. Replace the red meats with it when you're dieting.

When you go to the seafood section pick out your favorites there also. No, not the fish sticks or other processed fish with the breading. Get some Tilapia, Tuna, Orange Roughy, Salmon. Fish is a low calorie food and most contain omega-3 fatty acids, which studies have shown reduce cholesterol.

If you want to lose weight fat targeting is the way to go. You need to focus in on your target, then take achieve to achieve that target. You'll love yourself for it.

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Fat Targeting

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This article was published on 2010/12/20