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Have you ever wanted to learn to do something? I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. I am far from musically talented, but I know one way to learn how to do something, practice. I’m sure most people have heard the phrase practice makes perfect. The more you do something the better you’ll be at it. The same thing goes for dieting. You need diet practicing to get better at dieting.

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about different topics. One thing led to another and the conversation topic of weight loss came up. He was very excited about a friend of his who had been having a lot of health problems recently until she started losing weight. She steadily lost more and more until her current weight loss totaled 60 pounds. Now, I was excited!

Being interested in weight loss, of course, my first question was how? How did she achieve her weight loss. My friend went on to explain that she exercised regularly, but this wasn’t the change she made that started dropping pounds for her. The change she made had to do with diet practicing. All of a sudden my expression changed to one of are you crazy. But I continued to listen as he explained what he was talking about.

Portion Control

Like many other dieters his friend always had a problem with self control when eating. Just like that guy in the Sandwich shop commercials she liked sub sandwiches. The thing that she did different was that she liked them so much she’d eat a foot long sub every time she went there. She knew if she wanted to do something about the weight she would have to stop that. So, the next time she went she decided to still get the foot long sub, but instead of eating the whole thing, she only ate half at her lunch time. After a few hours she took a break and was hungry so she ate the other half. She continued to practice this process a few times then decided to order the 6 inch the next time she went. She had the sub shop cut the 6 inch sub in half and did the same thing. She ate half for lunch, then half at her break.

Diet Practicing

Diet Practicing is simply practicing portion control gradually reducing the amount of food you eat while also eating smaller portions spread out during your day. The woman that my friend was talking about continued to train herself to eat smaller portions in more meals. That way you don't eat too much at one meal and you eat enough to keep yourself satisfied. This gives your body time to fully digest your food while keeping your stomach full enough so you don't want to snack. Then when you get hungry again it should be time to eat again. Diet Practicing is a great way to keep yourself satisfied.

Remember to keep up the Diet Practicing to help your weight loss.

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Diet Practicing

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This article was published on 2010/12/30