Balance your hydration level in Hot Climates: Survival of the fittest

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Hyrdration is an important part of health, and many of us are at less than the ideal amount -- 45-60% . The makers of hydration scale say that the morning weight is the most accurate for weight, but the night weight is the most accurate for fat %, hydration, muscle content, and daily calorie index. It is because the scale better monitors the fat content and muscle content when you are more hydrated, and you are more hydrated, usually, at the end of the day, than the beginning.

Sweating profusely is not always a sign of being OK. When you perspire a lot, your body is getting coated in sweat, you're body is not able to release the heat through the process of evaporation and so you're body suffers overheating.
• How long can you live without water? Research proves that one can survive for two days at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, can expect to live for five to seven days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and about 8 to 10 days at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Say No to Caffeine and Alcohol: I know it's a sad news for all those latte sippers and alcoholics but the fact is that both caffeine and alcohol and diuretics and will absorb a valuable amount of water from your body.
• Cut the intake of antihistamines: Even if you suffer from allergies or not, cut on antihistamines as they block the nerves which stimulate the process of sweating. So your body won't be able to cool itself naturally from the inside leading your body to overheating and even collapse - even if you're drinking lots and lots of water.
• Check the color of your Urine: I know it sounds gross, but survival can be a strong motivation to do so. If you're urinating relatively clear urine approximately five times a day then your water intake is fine. In case the urine is cloudy or dark and you're urge to urinate is less than five times a day then you should increase your liquid intake.
• How much liquid to intake: Experts suggest an intake of approximate two gallons of water for a hiker each day at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. And increase it upto three to three and half gallons as the temperature rises.
• During Emergencies: When there is no other way visible, you can create enough water to survive using a clear plastic bag and a few green leaves. Place a handful of crushed or cut up leaves in a plastic bag, fill it with ample amount of air and zip it air tight. Place the bag on some upward slope surface and in direct sunlight. Though this process won't generate water enough to quench your thirst or dehydration, but this will definitely generate enough to keep you alive.


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Balance your hydration level in Hot Climates: Survival of the fittest

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Balance your hydration level in Hot Climates: Survival of the fittest

This article was published on 2010/11/22